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Non Woven Bag, Common seen in Corporate Events

Non-woven bags are typically made from a material that looks like a fabric. It can be made from long fibers and bound by use of process such as chemically heated solvents or mechanical treatment. It is a perfect gift that can be gifted during conferences and seminars. This can be used for keeping books or light weight items. Generally this bag can also be used for carrying a lot of items. The bag is also ideal for the corporate promotions such as giving it to professionals or even students. It is a cheap way of promotion and also environment friendly. It is ecologically wise to buy this kind of bag mainly because of the materials from which it is made from.

Choose non-woven bags for promotion and advertising

Non-woven bags are perfect carrier for shopping as well. You can carry a non-woven bag while going to a shopping. It is also available in different variety and designs. All these varieties can be of competitive prices and also can be made of any stylish design with imprinted logo design. It also comes in different sizes and colors. You can choose to match the color of your company and intend to carry different items in the bag. It is a good option when you are going to a supermarket and satisfy your shopping needs. You can opt for a simpler and elegant design. Also it can be cleaned and washed anytime you want. The selection of colors and design makes it a popular gifting option. If you are looking for a promotional item that can be used for advertising purposes then this bag can be designed accordingly. The bag is available in different price, design and usage. Non-woven bags are usually made in China and provide a durable option for marketing, advertising and shopping purposes. The designs can be suitable to large mass of client requirement and demands. High quality Non-woven bags can be stylishly printed to encourage customers for availing range of discounts or launch of new product or service. Suppliers of non-woven bag can print and laminate company logo, ideas and messages with the use of laser technology. It is a suitable bag when you are looking to gift an eco-friendly option to your customers. They can be packed and crafter according to customer needs. Most of the non-woven bags can be personalized with company address, logo and contact number.

Why non-woven bags are ideal gifting option?

If you are looking for a corporate gift then you can definitely choose non-woven bags with customization option. It can also be personalized as per the recipient. Many people think that personalized corporate gifts are expensive but the truth is that companies can save a large amount of money by ordering in large quantities. All you need to do is check a sample piece before ordering in large amount because once the order is complete then you cannot alter or make changes after that. When you own a business, it is important to get personalized non-woven bags. You can put any gifting item inside the customized non-woven bags and gift it to your employees or associates. It is an excellent way to market your brand. If you feel like you want to gift purchases and want to give something special then a normal tote bag will not look attractive. However, if you give something in a personalized non-woven bag to your friend or relative then non-woven bags are not only a unique gifting item but also adds more value to your company brand. Many think that non-woven bags are not a creative gifting option but it depends on the individuals for whom you are purchasing. You can buy a normal bag and fill it with your company products. On the other hand, non-woven bags can be an essential way to box it and at the same time accessorize the package.

When you are planning to gift something unique or special for your customers or employees then packaging in a personalized non-woven bag can be a creative idea that will make the people feel more special. It can also be a great way to promote your brand in this way.

Umbrella in a Bottle: Corporate Gifts Tips

Demand for corporate gifts is always there. Many companies, be it small or large look for the ways by which they can build a strong relationship between employees and business associates. Gifts are not just for occasion but sometimes companies could be aiming for improving their brand value or try to retain their customers by using various discounts, promotions or gifts.

Why Umbrella can be a great gifting option?

There can be various types of gifts available in the market that can be gifted as a corporate gift. One of such fascinating gifts that can be attractive and impressive is an Umbrella. It is a useful item that can help block the sunlight and gives a shelter against rain so basically it protects from both cold and heat. Companies look for unique corporate gifting ideas. In search of those ideas, they mostly plan to gift an item that can be useful for the user (client or employee) but at the same time helps in marketing the ideas, products or services of the company. There can be various items to gift such as customized and personalized pens, Mugs, T-Shirts etc. Umbrella can also be one of the major gifting options. Once opened, a bottle Umbrella can be bigger in size and displays the name of the company, logo or message. It can be considered to be a healthy way to promote the company as well. 

Also many companies consider umbrella as a great analogy to providing more security and protection to the company. Therefore if you gift an umbrella to a company then it can be considered as lending best support to the customer. This is why, most insurance companies and banks also still use umbrella as a preferred gift to the customers. Umbrella as a gift can add more value factor to your corporate gifting option.

If you are looking for a big sized gift then umbrella can be a good gifting option. It can be used to print those large marketing logos of your company. Since Umbrella can be of different colors, company can make use of different color combinations to meet their needs. However, due to large printing options available, it may not be printed with a normal process but the patterns can be made from simple to specific designer styles to suit needs of the company. There can be different types of Umbrella options available. Many events are organized in companies where umbrellas can be gifted. Once can choose a suitable size of umbrella with different color options. Normally a 21 inch umbrella with one color logo printed on the umbrella can be one of the most preferred options. The style of umbrella fits both men and women; it is not big to carry from one place to another. One can use umbrella for different purposes.

Another kind of packaging used for umbrella is a bottled one. It can be packaged and shaped into a convenient shape. A good advertising from soft drinks to wine bottles is one of the most useful options available these days. Gifting a bottle umbrella instead of a wine bottle can be a great option. It can be a new product and many people have not seen or touched it yet. It is a surprise for many people once they receive this amazing gift.  

Umbrella can be a great gifting option especially for those who want a failsafe gift to accommodate people in big group. Umbrella is not a costly option compared to gifting a wine to your corporate colleagues or clients. One can choose any type of umbrella from the range of gifting option. It can be used with 3-fold with aluminum shafts, UV protection and different collections.   Check out the range of selection for corporate gifts and you will never be able to choose so many variation and types of umbrella.  


Are you finding difficult to choose a corporate gift? If yes, then you must choose an Umbrella as a gift. You can have different option or type of umbrella depending on your requirement. It can be a viable and useful option to choose. Many people will find an umbrella as a token of respect and memorable gifting option from the company.