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How to Clean Laminate Floors

With the right mop, it is always easy to clean laminate floors. This guide will come in handy if you want to know how to clean your laminate floors easily, so you have sufficient time to focus on other important things.


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To begin with, you should ensure that you have the right mop to do the cleaning. The microfiber mop is the best tool for cleaning laminate floors. The best thing about this mop is that it is easy to slide across your floor collecting all the dirt and hair from pet swiftly. The mop comes with swivel heads that cover a large proportion of the floor, plus, they get under chairs and tables and don’t require high volume of water. This is great since laminate flooring warps if exposed to water.

Cleaning solution

You can buy a cleaning solution from the nearest store or prepare one yourself. Whichever way you choose, you will need to have a spray bottle for squirting the cleaning solution on your microfiber mop.


vinyl floor

You can use a vacuum on your wooden floors or your microfiber mop, but make sure it is dry.  Dampen your mop into warm water and squirt the cleaning solution and clean. When the mop becomes too dirty, rinse and replace it and continue to clean. Once done with cleaning, put the pad into a sanitary wash or washing machine.

It may take you a longer time to clean laminate floors with sponge mops or string mops. In addition, these mops leave streaky marks on the floor, and since they use a lot of water, moisture can sink into the cracks easily. Moisture is known to warp floors over time because it weakens the core board.

It does not matter what the manufacturer said about the floor having a great lock system, unless your laminate flooring is absolutely water resistant, with waxed edges. It is not ideal to use a sponge or string mop on your laminate floor.

For this reason therefore, it is also wise that you learn a thing or two about how to take good care of your laminate flooring as well as how to remove stubborn marks and exotic stains from the laminate floor.

The best ways to begin Swiffer mop in action

There are more than one way of doing anything, and the same can be said of cleaning laminate floors. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to choose the best way to get rid of hair tumble weeds and large dust bunnies off your floor. People have different routines, and if you are happy doing things via a certain approach, then stick to that. Dirt and dust before you start mopping your laminate floor.

When it comes to vacuum, you should first of all make sure that it is set on the wood floors setting. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a microfiber mop instead, but make sure it doesn’t have any water in it so that it is easy to get dust up and huge chunks of hair. You can get rid of the debris off and rinse the mop before you use the mop for wet mopping. You can also dry dust the floor with a Swiffer sweeper.


It is good to vacuum or sweep in the direct your floor is laid to gather all the dirt instead of trapping it. You should not use a vacuum with a beater since it can easily scratch the floor. If the floor has a piano surface or a high gloss surface, the do not vacuum at all, it is better to stay on the safe side. The reason for this is because the vacuum can still scratch the floor even if you set it in the wood floor setting mode. Piano and high gloss surface can easily be seen in the light.

Add some more water

If you are using a microfiber mop on your floor, you can replace the pad with a new one or remove the debris, rinse and re-attach the pad. It is good to have some spare pad on the side, just in case the other mop doesn’t work well or if there any spillages.


Ceramic Mug

Why Do Most Corporate Ceramic Mug Gifts Fail?

If you are thinking of giving away a ceramic mug that features your corporate brand, you might want to step back a little. Seriously. It’s not like you’re the first person to come up with that idea. In fact, if you were to go to any industry meeting or trade show, it should quickly dawn on you that branded ceramic mug packages are quite common.

In fact, the problem is, they are too common. If you were to just jump on the bandwagon and issue your company’s own branded ceramic mug, it’s highly likely that it will fall into the cracks and your target audience members will probably not notice your mug. Sure, people would still use it, but they probably would not engage with your brand. In other words, you’re not going to get much return for the amount of time, effort and money you invested in giving away a ceramic mug as a corporate gift.

Why is this the case? Why do such giveaways fail? Here are just 6 of the most common reasons the typical corporate ceramic mug gift falls flat. This does not, in any way, mean that the list is complete. However, the 6 factors outlined below should give you a clear enough idea as to why giveaways of this type fall flat and what you need to do to work around these common challenges.

Does Not Grab Attention


The first reason why the typical corporate ceramic mug fails to achieve its branding objectives is that it doesn’t grab attention. In many cases, it’s just a typical round ceramic mug with a nice printed message on it. This vinyl printing obviously used some sort of heat transferring machine to “design” the mug. It turns out, the mug is really just a generic ceramic mug with some printing on it.

Giving away a ceramic mug like this will not make your brand stand out because almost anybody can give away a similar mug. They just change the design, but it’s essentially the same mug. It is no surprise that mugs that look like this do not grab attention. People are usually not going to pay attention when they assume that your mug is exactly like the few hundred mugs they’ve seen before.

Look Obviously Cheap


Since many companies try to flood their target markets with cheap giveaways to try to get as many eyeballs as possible, they try to cut on costs. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, you should not be obvious about it. When you go out of your way to buy the cheapest ceramic mug available, make sure that the mug does not betray its low cost.

In other words, it’s perfectly okay to pay cents on the dollar for each unit of corporate you’re going to give away. In fact, this is highly encouraged. You’re simply trying to maximize your return on investment. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, the item should not look obviously cheap.

The good news is, thanks to the marvel of modern Chinese global manufacturing, you can buy something for pennies while the product looks like you spent top dollar on it. At the very least, you should not commit the cardinal sin of picking an obviously cheap looking ceramic mug.

Obviously Generic

If you’re just going through the motions of printing out your brand or logo on a ceramic mug, you shouldn’t even bother. Seriously. If you do, the end product would look exactly like all the other corporate mug giveaways out there. There’s really no point of distinction.

Look at the situation from the perspective of the recipient. They won’t feel special. They won’t feel like you’re appreciating them because you’re giving them something that they can get from everybody else in your industry. Your brand doesn’t stand out.

If they get the impression that your gift is generic, it’s going to be very hard for them to equate their existing or prospective business relationship with your company, with something positive. They might feel that they just need to do business with you because they have no other choice. That’s not exactly the foundation of a healthy and profitable relationship.

Too Small to Be Practical

In addition to the looks of the ceramic mug, you also need to pay attention to its size. You want the mug to be used every day. You want the recipient to engage with your gift every single day. Of course, every engagement can lead to the use being called to action. That’s where the real payoff is. It’s when you remind the user that they can always call your company to place an order or otherwise get some value.

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen if the ceramic mug is too small. So make sure that you do some sort of rough census of your potential distribution base and see what would be the right size ceramic mug to give away.

Does Not Withstand the Test of Time

There are many mugs out there that are so badly produced that they look like relics after they’ve been sitting out for only a couple of years. This is bad news. Seriously. You probably would be better off not giving away any ceramic mug. The reason? Simple. If the mug starts looking like a piece of trash after a couple of years and it has your brand on it, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your brand is being equated with low quality products or something that does not withstand the test of time.

Neither of these situations is good. Do yourself a big favor and make sure that you pick a ceramic mug that is durable enough to withstand the test of time. Otherwise, it’s going to send out all sorts of bad signals regarding the value of your brand and tarnish your target audience members’ expectations of your services or products.

Doesn’t Call the Viewer to Action

The main reason why you’re giving away a ceramic mug is you want your brand to call the user to action. You want to remind them of something or you want them to pick up the phone and place an order. Whatever the case may be, there has to be a payoff there. If the mug only just has your logo on it, that’s too little too late. In fact, it would become so much easier for the user of your ceramic mug to compartmentalize your brand. In other words, instead of looking at the brand logo as a gateway to either starting a relationship with your company or deepening an existing one, your target user just looks at the logo as a design element. If that happens, then you’re just wasting your time giving away corporate gifts. Seriously. Don’t let this happen. Call the viewer to action.

Non Woven Bag, Common seen in Corporate Events

Non-woven bags are typically made from a material that looks like a fabric. It can be made from long fibers and bound by use of process such as chemically heated solvents or mechanical treatment. It is a perfect gift that can be gifted during conferences and seminars. This can be used for keeping books or light weight items. Generally this bag can also be used for carrying a lot of items. The bag is also ideal for the corporate promotions such as giving it to professionals or even students. It is a cheap way of promotion and also environment friendly. It is ecologically wise to buy this kind of bag mainly because of the materials from which it is made from.

Choose non-woven bags for promotion and advertising

Non-woven bags are perfect carrier for shopping as well. You can carry a non-woven bag while going to a shopping. It is also available in different variety and designs. All these varieties can be of competitive prices and also can be made of any stylish design with imprinted logo design. It also comes in different sizes and colors. You can choose to match the color of your company and intend to carry different items in the bag. It is a good option when you are going to a supermarket and satisfy your shopping needs. You can opt for a simpler and elegant design. Also it can be cleaned and washed anytime you want. The selection of colors and design makes it a popular gifting option. If you are looking for a promotional item that can be used for advertising purposes then this bag can be designed accordingly. The bag is available in different price, design and usage. Non-woven bags are usually made in China and provide a durable option for marketing, advertising and shopping purposes. The designs can be suitable to large mass of client requirement and demands. High quality Non-woven bags can be stylishly printed to encourage customers for availing range of discounts or launch of new product or service. Suppliers of non-woven bag can print and laminate company logo, ideas and messages with the use of laser technology. It is a suitable bag when you are looking to gift an eco-friendly option to your customers. They can be packed and crafter according to customer needs. Most of the non-woven bags can be personalized with company address, logo and contact number.

Why non-woven bags are ideal gifting option?

If you are looking for a corporate gift then you can definitely choose non-woven bags with customization option. It can also be personalized as per the recipient. Many people think that personalized corporate gifts are expensive but the truth is that companies can save a large amount of money by ordering in large quantities. All you need to do is check a sample piece before ordering in large amount because once the order is complete then you cannot alter or make changes after that. When you own a business, it is important to get personalized non-woven bags. You can put any gifting item inside the customized non-woven bags and gift it to your employees or associates. It is an excellent way to market your brand. If you feel like you want to gift purchases and want to give something special then a normal tote bag will not look attractive. However, if you give something in a personalized non-woven bag to your friend or relative then non-woven bags are not only a unique gifting item but also adds more value to your company brand. Many think that non-woven bags are not a creative gifting option but it depends on the individuals for whom you are purchasing. You can buy a normal bag and fill it with your company products. On the other hand, non-woven bags can be an essential way to box it and at the same time accessorize the package.

When you are planning to gift something unique or special for your customers or employees then packaging in a personalized non-woven bag can be a creative idea that will make the people feel more special. It can also be a great way to promote your brand in this way.

Umbrella in a Bottle: Corporate Gifts Tips

Demand for corporate gifts is always there. Many companies, be it small or large look for the ways by which they can build a strong relationship between employees and business associates. Gifts are not just for occasion but sometimes companies could be aiming for improving their brand value or try to retain their customers by using various discounts, promotions or gifts.

Why Umbrella can be a great gifting option?

There can be various types of gifts available in the market that can be gifted as a corporate gift. One of such fascinating gifts that can be attractive and impressive is an Umbrella. It is a useful item that can help block the sunlight and gives a shelter against rain so basically it protects from both cold and heat. Companies look for unique corporate gifting ideas. In search of those ideas, they mostly plan to gift an item that can be useful for the user (client or employee) but at the same time helps in marketing the ideas, products or services of the company. There can be various items to gift such as customized and personalized pens, Mugs, T-Shirts etc. Umbrella can also be one of the major gifting options. Once opened, a bottle Umbrella can be bigger in size and displays the name of the company, logo or message. It can be considered to be a healthy way to promote the company as well. 

Also many companies consider umbrella as a great analogy to providing more security and protection to the company. Therefore if you gift an umbrella to a company then it can be considered as lending best support to the customer. This is why, most insurance companies and banks also still use umbrella as a preferred gift to the customers. Umbrella as a gift can add more value factor to your corporate gifting option.

If you are looking for a big sized gift then umbrella can be a good gifting option. It can be used to print those large marketing logos of your company. Since Umbrella can be of different colors, company can make use of different color combinations to meet their needs. However, due to large printing options available, it may not be printed with a normal process but the patterns can be made from simple to specific designer styles to suit needs of the company. There can be different types of Umbrella options available. Many events are organized in companies where umbrellas can be gifted. Once can choose a suitable size of umbrella with different color options. Normally a 21 inch umbrella with one color logo printed on the umbrella can be one of the most preferred options. The style of umbrella fits both men and women; it is not big to carry from one place to another. One can use umbrella for different purposes.

Another kind of packaging used for umbrella is a bottled one. It can be packaged and shaped into a convenient shape. A good advertising from soft drinks to wine bottles is one of the most useful options available these days. Gifting a bottle umbrella instead of a wine bottle can be a great option. It can be a new product and many people have not seen or touched it yet. It is a surprise for many people once they receive this amazing gift.  

Umbrella can be a great gifting option especially for those who want a failsafe gift to accommodate people in big group. Umbrella is not a costly option compared to gifting a wine to your corporate colleagues or clients. One can choose any type of umbrella from the range of gifting option. It can be used with 3-fold with aluminum shafts, UV protection and different collections.   Check out the range of selection for corporate gifts and you will never be able to choose so many variation and types of umbrella.  


Are you finding difficult to choose a corporate gift? If yes, then you must choose an Umbrella as a gift. You can have different option or type of umbrella depending on your requirement. It can be a viable and useful option to choose. Many people will find an umbrella as a token of respect and memorable gifting option from the company.